QuickMark Lite For Android Released

Several Android users have expressed their concerns about the increasing number of Permissions required to run our app, so we decided to give our end users a choice and released a Lite version for Android as well. 

The Lite version is virtually identical to the original except it will require less Permissions, but as a result has less features. 

How Lite differs is as follows:

1) No READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS Permission —> Cannot create QR Codes from bookmarks to share with friends

2) No READ_CONTACTS Permission —> Cannot create QR Codes from existing contacts to share with friends

3) No READ_PHONE_STATE Permission —> There is no difference in terms of user functionality at this time. It is currently used by ad networks that require it in the original app. The Lite version uses the AdMob ad SDK, which does not yet require this Permission. We do not know if they will require it in the future.

If you still have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


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