QuickMark’s Top 10 QR Codes Of 2011

As we approach the new year, we thought it might be interesting to look back on 2011 and see which were the most popular QR Codes among our users this year. 

If you have been using our QuickMark for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7 versions, you probably have noticed that whenever you scan a barcode that contains an URL, the Preview function displays a thumbnail image and short description from the destination site, as well as how many times other users have scanned and clicked on the same barcode. 

Since these URLs and QR Codes are intended to everyone to use, the original idea of collecting this data was to 1) let marketers get a quick idea of how their QR Code campaigns are doing and 2) let our end users know that you are not the only ones scanning QR Codes, there really are others scanning them as well!

Some notes about this top 10 list. It is global data aggregated from QuickMark users with an app version released this year and on the aforementioned platforms. Stats are as of 2011-12-28.

Rank: #10
Number of Scans: 5207
Click-Through-Rate: 67.33%
Owner: 7-Mobile (Taiwan)
Purpose: Promotion of a new iPhone app.

Comments: 7 Eleven has the largest convenience store chain in Taiwan and is constantly trying to expand to new market segments. In this particular campaign, they were promoting their food products with a new iPhone app that allows end users to scan the product barcodes and check its nutrition facts. 

Rank: #9
Number of Scans: 5262
Click-Through-Rate: 104.24%
Owner: Ichiban Kuji (Japan)
Purpose: Membership sign up.

Rank: #8
Number of Scans: 5663
Click-Through-Rate: 23.15%
Owner: BBC (UK)
Purpose: Access BBC programmes from your mobile phone.

Rank: #7
Number of Scans: 6005
Click-Through-Rate: 71.11%
Owner: FamilyMart (Taiwan)
Purpose: Information on promotional campaign.

Comments: Being the second largest convenience store chain in Taiwan, FamilyMart has also begun using QR Codes on a lot of its marketing materials this year. We’re guessing that this particular barcode was especially popular because it was associated with the popular Astro Boy character.

Rank: #6
Number of Scans: 6240
Click-Through-Rate: 67.44%
Owner: Philip Morris (USA)
Purpose: Sign up or login to Marlboro.com Mobile.

Rank: #5
Number of Scans: 8232
Click-Through-Rate: 99.36%
Owner: Japan Post
Purpose: Postal delivery request form.

Comments: Like Ichiban Kuji in rank #9, this QR Code from Japan also has a near perfect click-through-rate. Could it be that Japanese users’ familiarity with scanning barcodes make them more comfortable in following through with the link? In any case, a clear call-to-action from a trusted source should always be helpful in QR Code campaigns.

Rank: #4
Number of Scans: 10805
Click-Through-Rate: 73.87%
Owner: Carrefour (Taiwan)
Purpose: Promote use of online coupons.

Comments: This is one that could potentially be very useful if they allow customers to redeem coupons using just their mobile. Currently it asks the user to print out the coupon before use…

Rank: #3
Number of Scans: 12778
Click-Through-Rate: 94.07%
Owner: Applanet
Purpose: Direct download of its Android app

Rank: #2
Number of Scans: 14258
Click-Through-Rate: 40.92%
Owner: Heinz (US)
Purpose: Sweepstakes promotion campaign.

Comment: Yup, we can imagine ourselves scanning ketchup bottles while waiting to be be served at a diner.

Rank: #1
Number of Scans: 15574
Click-Through-Rate: 52.33%
Owner: VEVO
Purpose: iPhone app download.

Comment: What can we say? QR Codes are great for downloading apps!

======== Extras ======== 

Rank: Wildcard (#1)
Number of Scans: 16631
Click-Through-Rate: 44.70%
Owner: PepsiCo?
Purpose: Event promotional campaign?

Comment: This is actually the real top scanned barcode of the year. But it is also a bit.ly short URL that currently points to an inactive website, thus it lost its number 1 status from our list. 

Rank: Honorable Mention (#12)
Number of Scans: 5101
Click-Through-Rate: 128.96%
Owner: SharpDaily (HK)
Purpose: Viewing of an accompanying video from a news article.

Comment: Nextmedia started printing QR Codes on its newspapers 2 years ago in Taiwan and seems to have started doing this for their Hong Kong publications as well. The barcodes usually link to 3D animated short videos that they produced in-house for their publications’ news stories. We thought we’d include this barcode on this list because it has such a high Click-Through-Rate, but be warned that the video it links to is actually a bit scary and viewer discretion is advised… 

With that we wrap up our list, what do you think? Have you scanned any of these barcodes?